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Meet Senior-Level Investors, Developers and Lenders 

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A new Prime Minister, a new day for real estate investors? As global investors continue to look for value beyond Europe's core markets, Italy is now back on the global investment agenda. Some international investors are already doing great deals, while others, who don’t yet have a significant presence are returning to the ‘beautiful country’.

Italia GRI 2014 Italia GRI 2014 Italia GRI 2014

Inaugural Italia GRI, 24th - 25th November, will bring together senior level real estate executives to discuss key issues, opportunities and challenges in the Italian real estate market. Italia GRI offers a unique opportunity to understand what your clients and peers are really thinking, to network, and to set the groundwork for new deals. If you would find it useful to join this elite group, we would be delighted to welcome you.

Fulvia D’Ippolito
Project Director - Italy
Global Real Estate Institute

Italia GRI 2014  Italia GRI 2014

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