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  • 18 discussions on the Spanish real estate market

  • 200 senior level real estate players active in Spain

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Join Spain’s Leading Real Estate Investors,
Developers & Lenders in Madrid

España GRI brings together senior level real estate executives to discuss key issues, opportunities and challenges in the Spanish market.

With renewed interest from investors, increased transaction volumes and high profile deals, 2013 has seen market confidence and liquidity improve. This change poses questions.

200+ Board & C-Level Real Estate Leaders active in Spain

A Glimpse of the Discussions

Opportunistic/High Return Investments: The view from the buy-side. How to get superior IRR’s?
Inversiones oportunistas/con elevados retornos: Desde el punto de vista del comprador. ¿Cómo conseguir altas Tasas Internas de Retorno?
Regions: What and where to invest outside Madrid and Barcelona? Portugal. 2nd Tier Cities. Coasts and Islands
Regiones: ¿Donde y en qué invertir fuera de Madrid y Barcelona? Portugal. Ciudades secundarias. Costas e islas.
Hotels: A tale of two cities or should you look beyond Madrid and Barcelona? Urban hotels v. resorts
Keynote: Spain’s Convalescence
Bank Assets: Have prices adjusted enough?
Activos de la banca: ¿El ajuste de precios ha concluido?
Residential - Where is the Resi money going? Distressed and non-prime assets – high returns at any cost?
Mercado Residencial: ¿Dónde están las oportunidades? Activos distressed – altas rentabilidades, pero ¿a qué precio?
Retail: How will the retail sector evolve amid changing shopping habits?
Retail: ¿Cómo cambiarán los hábitos de consumo al sector?
Joint Ventures: Partnering international and Spanish capital – how do you decide and who should you choose?
Joint Ventures: Capital internacional y español - ¿cómo elegir con quién invertir?

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