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GRI Europe 2017


Group* (per person)

Discussion Co-Chair

Before 28 Jul

€2675 (+20 % VAT)

€2475 (+20 % VAT)

€2575 (+20 % VAT)

After 28 Jul

€2975 (+20 % VAT)

€2775 (+20 % VAT)

€2875 (+20 % VAT)

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Discussion Co-chair
Discussion co-chair rates are selectively available to the most senior-level executives from real estate investors, developers, owners and lenders.

*At present we are only able to register one discussion co-chair at a time


If you have any problems with on-line registration, please download and fill out the printable registration form here. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Onsite Registrations: Onsite Registrations paid in cash or credit card will be charged €125 more than otherwise applicable fee.

Cheque: Cheque and methods of payment other than credit cards incur an additional €75 charge. Payable to “GRI”. Mail check to: GRI, Walkden House, 10 Melton Street London NW1 2EB • UK